Japan Light IORI

Stylish stand-lights made of natural wood with fretwork of Japanese traditional design. The simple form fits in with many styles of room decoration from elegant Japanese rooms to offices and casual interior accessories. Get the Japanese modern and refined atmosphere of this room light at your entrance, sideboard in the living room, ornament shelf, or your shop counter and display.

– Japan Light IORI

Lights designed as a Japanese taste you can enjoy in modern styles. Well-finished in antique style with oil stain, they are deep-sepia with retro mood. Feel the relaxed flow of time in the quiet and healing space.

– Premium Agathis wood

Agathis is a kind of coniferous trees spreading in South East Asia and Oceania. It’s known for the luxurious look with delicate and soft grain, and widely used from joinery and furniture to shogi board.

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Showing all 5 results