Japan Light KIRA

Stylish stand-lights made of natural wood with fretwork of Japanese traditional design. The simple form fits in with many styles of room decoration from elegant Japanese rooms to offices and casual interior accessories. Get the Japanese modern and refined atmosphere of this room light at your entrance, sideboard in the living room, ornament shelf, or your shop counter and display.

– Japan Light KIRA

Covered with fretwork of hinoki cypress, the inside space with light bulb is half visible. With the traditional design on the tall silhouette, this is the best Japanese-modern light. A great choice for ceremonial occasions and housewarming gifts.

– Hinoki cypress from Hinohara-mura village

Hinoki cypress used in Japan Light – KIRA is from Hinohara-mura, the village in Tokyo, which is famous for production of hinoki. It’s the best-quality wood and has been used for temples and shrines since the old age. Enjoy the brightness and the natural fragrance.

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