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Elegant and simple wall clock with subtle fretwork of hinoki. It’s also good to place it on the table with accessory stand. Made of hinoki cypress from Hinohara-mura as Japan Light.

– Beautiful Japanese traditional design

5 major patterns are carefully selected from traditional design. The same ones are in Japan Light – KIRA so you can arrange the whole interior style.

– Hinoki cypress from Hinohara-mura village

Hinoki cypress used in Japan Clock KOKU is from Hinohara-mura, the village in Tokyo, which is famous for production of hinoki. It’s the best-quality wood and has been used for temples and shrines since the old age. Enjoy the brightness and the natural fragrance.

– What is “Sayagata”?

One of the patterns connecting multiple “manji”, Buddhist cross or swastika, inspired by the sun in the Stone Age. The naming is because it was the standard material of silk fabric “sayaori” from the Min dynasty in the ancient China.

Meaning: To last long. Prosperity. Longevity.

– Note

As this product is made of natural wood, please note that it might have changes in its color and shape after a long period of use.

Product warranty period is 6 months. See details here.

Additional information

Weight 0.225 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 3 cm


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